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Well, this is how I roll now.  Let me explain.

My friend and I host a weekly group journaling class.   We choose a self-development topic, discuss as a group and then the participants do a few creative journaling activities.  While brainstorming for this week’s class, the word purpose resonated with both of us very quickly.

I know, I know.   You hear about finding your life’s purpose everywhere, social media, tv commercials, etc.  I think a life purpose is great stuff, after all, I am living mine!  But, for today, I want to share thoughts on what your purpose is, well, today!

You may recall, I was in the corporate world for 25 years.  In other words, I was very much used to my time being accounted for all day long, in meetings, on projects or working on “my” goals from my manager.  I was living someone else’s purpose each day.  And that was how I rolled.

Last week, as I do every week, I created my to do list the Friday before.  My list consists of a daily focus and then my action items align with the focus.  This may sound very structured but when you work for yourself, you need to constantly remind yourself of your vision and keep working towards it!  Plus, it ensures that you don’t get sidetracked by all of the shiny objects that like to pop up in your day!

Anyways, let’s just say, by Monday afternoon my focus and to do list pretty much went out the window.  At first, I was uptight and saying things like “what’s wrong, why can’t you focus?”, “c’mon you have nothing crossed off your to do list!”.  Yep, I was judging myself; I was on trial where I was the judge and the jury!  Sound familiar?   You know it does!

Then, it hit me!  I asked myself, “what would you ask your clients in this situation?”.  Aha!  I wasn’t allowing my intuition to speak, even though it was screaming for me to listen.   When I sat down and truly listened, I was able to answer the judge and the jury.  I couldn’t focus because my predetermined focus wasn’t what I needed to fulfill my purpose, today, here and now.  You know, be present.  You see, a main part of my week was dedicated to writing and I simply had no writing mojo working.

So, I stopped berating myself and I listened to what I wanted at that moment.  I found that I was really intent on brainstorming ideas.  Instead of focusing on my lengthy to do list, I ripped it out of my notebook and stuck in my folder for another week.  The list still needs to get done after all!  And then, I brainstormed!  It felt great to just list ideas that have been rumbling around in my head, looking for a place to land!

The main point is, I listened to my purpose for the here and now.  I was present with myself, right now, and what was best for me, at this moment.   This is how I roll, now!  Are you getting the theme yet?  Right now!  Today!  This moment!  I didn’t change what I worked on, it changed how I worked, more in line with what gifts I needed to share.

I was so joyful that I allowed myself the permission to listen and hear the answers I was looking for.  It stopped a lot of negative energy before it had time to get out of control!  In fact, I came up with 75 future ideas for my ezine newsletter, which will be published on my website in just a few weeks!  Squeal!  Oops, see what I mean about shiny objects?!  I also came up with lots of fun ideas for my coaching program; tools to share, insights and nuggets to pass on to my clients.

My Strategy:  Before I get out of bed, I journal how I want to show up on purpose, starting the day on my terms.  Then, I write down actions that I will take to match that purpose.  When something comes along during the day that I struggle with, I check in with my daily intention.  If the task isn’t in alignment with the actions I wrote down, I realize that is why I am struggling.

Need an example?  Let’s say today I wrote “I feel creative”.  My actions are best served getting that creativity out, like brainstorming ideas or maybe shooting videos for my website.  Today is probably not the best day to do bookkeeping work!

So, my challenge for you this week – Show up everyday on purpose!  Take a moment before you start the day and listen to your inner wisdom, allow it to show you where your gifts are best used.  You will be so much happier and much more purposeful, focusing in your “zone of genius”, and making tasks feel effortless.  It just takes some concentration and listening to yourself when things just “don’t feel right”.  Guess what that is?  Yep, your intuition saying “hey, I have something to say here that you may want to listen to”.  At the end of the day, check in with yourself.  How do you feel?

So, no excuses that you can’t do this because “I don’t get that you have this or that to do”.  We all have stuff to do, no excuses, just take action.  Think about how you can do what you need in a way that better serves you and allows your gifts to shine!  Please?

Enjoy the rest of the week and go live on purpose!

P.S.  Look for a video series coming soon on how to organize your ideas, projects and tasks!


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