Let’s Clear The Clutter!

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Photo courtesy of Rekita Nicole Designs  www.rekitanicole.com

Clutter, simply, is the “stuff” that gets in your way of living the life you want.  It weighs you down physically, mentally, spiritually.  It prevents you from focusing on the present; your relationships, your clients, your work or your hobbies.  It creates feelings of overwhelm and despair, making things seem impossible, robbing you of your energy.

You are aware of physical clutter.  You know that feeling, your desk is full of papers and you can’t seem to focus on your work.  The bottom of your basement stairs is a precarious pile of things that have migrated from your main living space to get them out of the way.   You’ll put them away later.  This type of clutter can be cleaned up and controlled by your choices.

My challenge for you today is to consider your mental clutter and the choices you make.  Are you allowing yourself to continue to feed your mental clutter, preventing you from creating the life you want?

Just as you can clean up your physical space, you can clear out the mental clutter serving you no purpose and prevents you from letting go of the good enough.  The “stuff” that prevents you from dreaming of the great because you are too consumed by your “despair and overwhelm”, the things that you are not.  Mental clutter is your kryptonite.  If you let it pile up, it renders you powerless, helpless to move forward with a life you love.

So let’s get to it!  Below are 3 reasons for mental clutter.

  • Worry
  • “I’m not” syndrome
  • “There’s not enough” syndrome

Let’s talk about worry.  I am a worrier, on the mend.  Worry is a pointless endeavor, causing needless anxiety and drains your mental and physical energy.  Worry, in other words, is trying to control the outcome of the future.

So, how am I on the worry mend?  When I feel myself start to worry, I have a simple strategy.  First, notice I said feel.  I am very aware of how my body feels when I start to worry and by tuning into that feeling, I can immediately use my strategy.  I ask myself, “can I do something about this”?  If the answer is yes, then I get to it!  Action is motion.  Once I take action on my worry, I am able to release it and make room for serenity and peace.

The mental clutter is when my answer is no, I can’t do anything about this and I continue to feed it.  To starve the clutter, I turn the worry into a positive focus that I give to the Universe to handle for me.  For example, I find myself worrying about my son, out late with his friends.   Rather than imagining all sorts of horrible things, I turn the worry into the thought of, “Universe, please let my son make the choices that he knows are right for him and his situation”.  It immediately depletes the negative energy from the worry, allowing me to focus on positive thoughts.  Of course, when I hear him come home, I send a huge thank you for answering my call!

The second type of mental clutter; I’m not as good, I’m not as smart, I’m not as rich, I’m not as lucky.  Really?!  These thoughts have no place for you finding success and your best life.  These are your excuses to not have to try.  These thoughts are referred to by Gay Hendricks as the Upper Limit Problem.   You allow these thoughts to control you and allow you to stay in the “good enough” rather than realizing what you can truly accomplish or your “zone of genius”.

Scarcity is the third type of mind clutter preventing you from living the life you want.  Let’s talk about scarcity of time.  Don’t you wonder how some people can get so much done while others can’t seem to get out of their own way? We all have 24 hours in a day.  How you choose to spend those 24 hours is up to you.  No one takes your time away without you allowing it to happen.  Switch your concept of time to a power of choice.  Eliminate words like “I must”, I should”, “I mean to” and turn them into “I want to”, “I can’t wait to” and “I will”.  Bonus tip:  refer to last week’s blog post to find some actionable tips to manage your projects and choose how and where you spend your time!

Do any of these sound like you?  Do you play the victim to the “lucky”, the “smart” or the “rich”?  Do you worry about things, creating larger stories as time goes on or trying to control outcomes?  Do you believe there is not enough time, money or resources, so why bother?

Well, if so, here’s this week’s challenge:  Create a list of 25 of your strengths.  Yes, 25, don’t cheat.  And don’t give up before you even try.  Why so many, it’s hard!  Because once you get past the first 5-10 items, I want you to really have to think.   Dig deep into what you believe your strengths are, give yourself the time you would give a friend.  These next 15 or so strengths will be what I want to you focus on and remind yourself of when you start going down the path of “I’m not this or that”.  Removing mental clutter starts with good habits.  Change your habits with your thoughts.

“The mind is everything.  What you think you become.”  – Buddha

Keep your list close to you.  Use these strengths as your positive daily affirmations, believe in yourself.    That’s first step to overcoming mind clutter!

If mental clutter keeps you from creating the life you want and deserve, then let’s talk! Just send me an email and we can set up a free call to talk about your ideal life and see if we are good fit for each other! If you prefer, you can click here and be taken right to my online calendar. Simply click “Discovery Session” and you will see all of my available times. Just choose one that fits your needs!  Talk to you soon!


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