3 Reasons You Need a Life Coach

“You’re doing what?”  “Oh, I don’t really know what that is.”  Or their eyes glaze over and they shift their attention to someone that has a more traditional view of how to make a living (yep, this just happened last Thursday at a fundraiser)!  I observe these reactions pretty much every time I tell someone about my new business venture.

I realize how little people really understand what this profession is and the transformational power it has for clients.  Sure, I could use this perspective as a deterrent and just go back to a corporate job, comfort and safety.  NOPE!  I am choosing to use this as my “edge” to keep going, keep creating and keep coaching!  After all, if people don’t know what coaching is, what a fantastic world of opportunity there is!

Back to the fundraiser… the women I introduced myself to was a Director in an accounting firm.  I am pretty intuitive and could tell that she had no clue what I was talking about and she immediately shifted her attention to my companion, also an Accountant.  In the same conversation though, she talked about her involvement in a local foundation, because that was her passion and she believes that it’s important for people to follow their passion.  Wait, that’s exactly what I am doing, why did you dismiss me and my passion?!  Because she had no idea what it is that I do.  So, lesson #1, remember you only have 9 seconds to make an impression on someone!  Lesson #2, it’s my obligation to inform the world about coaching!

So, here is my perspective on coaching and why it is a transformational industry.

  1. Accountability partner
    Most people read books and take online courses to try to change themselves, they want to feel better about who they are and what they offer the world.  Here’s the problem.  The books and courses give you the “how to” and the “in the moment” motivation to make change, however there is no one there to hold you to your new intentions once the book goes back on the bookshelf.

    How many times have you found yourself in this same position, you read the book, have great intentions to create new habits and maybe you do for a few days.  Then, life creeps back in, the same limiting behaviors come back because that is what you know, it’s comfort and safety.  Even if it is not productive, it’s comfort and safety.

    So how do I hold you accountable?  I am in contact with you via phone, email and text.  I ask lots of questions.  I follow up during the week to keep you accountable to the week’s priorities and milestones.  If something isn’t working, I help you get back on track and re-evaluate priorities.

    And, guess what?  Here’s the secret, you don’t need to change, you just need to become a better YOU!

  2. Create and celebrate goals and small milestones
    Often, when we decide to make changes in our life, we go in “guns a blazin”!  We are gonna knock this out of the park, right?!  Then, we end up biting off way more than we can chew because we want instant transformation.

    The word transformation itself is defined as a process, meaning that it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t just happen, you need to work for it!  No one has the magic secret, it is a process of defining, redefining and honing in on your true dreams and goals.

    I offer you dynamic, insightful solutions to reach your goals.  This is what sets me apart from other coaches.  I love to find new, alternative ways to meet the same objectives.  This allows me to craft our coaching sessions to YOU, rather than giving you the same solutions I offered to the client on my last call.  We celebrate your goals and milestones together!

  3. Create clarity and identify limiting beliefs
    I help you get clarity on what makes you unique.  Your uniqueness is what makes you, well You!  Coaching is not about changing who you are, it’s about becoming a better YOU, reawakening who you are and what makes you operate in your highest zone.  We get clear on what your goals are, both personally and professionally, no judgment!  I will, however, ask lots of questions to make sure you are clear on your real dreams, not what you think others want you to have.

    I love to see the reawakening in my clients and the “light” that suddenly appears in their voice.  You have the power of choice in your goals, thoughts and dreams!

    Through your stories and struggles, I am able to listen to what you are “holding onto” as your story and am able to again, provide feedback on those limiting beliefs and help you reshape those thoughts into positive, powerful stories.

    Many of us can’t “see” our own limiting beliefs and if we do, we struggle with how to change them.  Again, when life gets busy or stressful, we go back to comfort and safety.  The key is to create new habits and thought patterns to help you through those times. These new habits will keep you on the path towards your dreams and goals.

    Together, we will redefine your success, what it means to you and create the blueprint to the life of your dreams!

I hope this helped to shed some light on what coaching is and what it does.  It’s a process of reawakening of who you are, becoming more aware of what you really want and putting you on the path to a better YOU!

If you are interested in learning more details about what I can offer you, please email me at karenspaiches@gmail.com.  I would love to have a “coffee break” conversation with you and see if we would be a good match to creating the life of your dreams!


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