The Comfort of Routine

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to have a live VIP Day with my Purpose and Success Coach in Asheville, NC!

We spent the day strategizing my new Signature Program that I now offer to my clients, a six month program created to help women build and create the life of their dreams!  On the surface, that’s exactly what we do, help you realize your dreams and goals, in small, manageable steps.  But underneath is where the true magic happens!  As you go through the process of realizing your dreams, you begin to shift your mindset to a whole new world of possibilities for yourself that you never thought could be real.  It is so amazing to watch a client go from thinking they couldn’t possibly do something to being so proud of themselves and their accomplishment.  It just took someone believing and supporting them.  They now believe that they are capable of anything they set their mind to!  That is why I have chosen this new profession, to experience everyday magic and miracles!

This program resonates so much with me as it is what I have gone through on my journey and the transformation of my limiting beliefs of myself.  I went from feeling lost and powerless in May 2015 to September 2015, where I feel confident, excited and motivated to help others with that same reawakening!

Now what?  The hard but fun part!  Creating my business and establishing a routine that accommodates both my work and my personal life.  I am no longer tied to the 9-5 rut however, I have lived it for so long, it’s a huge transition in my life.  Part of why we love routine is that it is comfortable, it might not be fun or rewarding but it is comfort.  In such an uncertain world, we like to know that we have something constant to hold onto.

In the “old” days, before my coaching journey, I would not have allowed myself one day of not doing things “right” or “perfect” in my life.  One thing that I have learned this week, is that I have been able to give myself permission to experience the changes in my routine as they happen, just the way it is intended. No guilt, no blame, no shame.  This week, I have felt stress, success, fear, excitement, unfocused, motivated and have leaned into all of those feelings, acknowledged them and then let them go and continued to refine my process.  Wow!  Coming from a perfectionist, that is an amazing feat!

Since I am going through this challenge of creating a new routine and realizing my new dream, I thought I would share a few ideas to help you make change in your life, letting go of the good or comfortable to make room for the great!  Whatever those changes are, lean into it and just go for it.  The Universe puts it out there when the time is right and necessary, listen to your heart and dive in!  The time is now!

Where do I start?

  • First, ask yourself why you want or need to make the change.  How important is it to you?  What are you willing to do commit to?  Is the want or need strong enough to follow through on the commitment?
  • Do you have someone that can help you stay on track with your goals?  Find someone that can help you map out your action items and then keep you accountable to your commitments.    Oh, hey, a life coach is a great idea!  I would be honored to help you!
  • Who else is impacted by the changes you are getting ready to make?  Talk to them about what you are doing so they understand your intentions and can support you in their own way.
  • What are your desired outcomes?  Do you have a plan of what this change will look like in the end?

Ok, you have answered those questions and you’re on your way but then life happens and you get stuck or unmotivated or too challenged.  AGH, what do I do now?  Well, you need to change it up!  Step outside the box and refocus your mind back to your commitments.  How can you get re-energized and focused?  Fire up the right side of your brain, the side that allows you to listen to your heart and intuition.  It knows what you need.

  • Color or doodle!  Yep, just like in kindergarten.  There are lots of free adult coloring pages all over the Internet now, check out my Pinterest board if you are not sure where to start.
  • List three things you are enjoying right now.  Practicing gratitude brings you back to your current state, keeping you present and grounded in the moment.  Ground yourself in the importance of making this change in your life.
  • Send a shout out to the Universe, ask for help, guidance and support.  Then listen and look for the answers, the Universe will not let you down!
  • The best idea?  Check out my Signature Program, I would love to help you reshape your life into what you dream of!

Change is difficult and comfort is so much more, well comfy.  Like an old pair of slippers.  But I bet those old slippers are worn, dated, stinky and need to be thrown out for a fresh new pair!   I urge you to think about what good do you need to let go of in your life to make room for the great possibilities spread before you?


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