Today is my first official day of being an entrepreneur!

As I finished up my last week in the corporate world, I spent a lot of time reflecting on my career and my life up to this point.  I spent 24 1/2 years at the same company and had the pleasure to meet many people who greatly influenced me over the years.  When I started out, the company was still “young” so I was able to grow with the business and experienced so many different aspects of cultivating a thriving organization, an experience that not many people get the opportunity to be part of.

I had my babies, nurtured them and watched them grow into beautiful, upstanding young men now in college and getting ready to head to college.  I had the opportunity to grow my relationship with my husband, sometimes not always easy but we stuck it out.  He is my biggest cheerleader on this new journey! I have met wonderful friends that support me, love me and I know that they will always be there for me!  I have a strong relationship with my parents and look forward to being able to spend more time with them as we move into this next year.

So, you may be asking, what did I learn about myself through this self-reflection process that can inspire or help you?  I learned that I am courageous, loved, curious, motivating, inspired, energetic and most of all I want to help others experience the freedom that I feel today!  It may not be quitting your job like I did but I want to partner with you and inspire you to redesign your life, taking it from good enough, to great!

I have also learned that, through the years, I have become very grounded in what my values are and I know that I need to stick by them in order to feel satisfied with my life, right here, right now.  My values include family, collaboration or partnership, creativity, respect, trust and making a difference.  These values have shaped who I am and how my clients can expect me to show up for them.  These values drive me and provide my compass when I am confused on what decision to make or what path to take or even if I need a course correction.

This self-reflection has allowed me to put my past behind me and embrace my new, great life!  I let go of the good to make room for the great!  This journey that I have started has opened my eyes to see that all that matters is the right here, the right now.  It doesn’t matter that when I was little, I never got take skating lessons or take a cross country family trip because of time and money.  What matters now are my new, positive beliefs and how much I enjoy what I do have at this moment.  It allows me to feel in control of what I allow into my life and spend my energy focusing on.  I take accountability and I am in charge!

We spend so much time wanting something else or the next great thing, that we often forget to practice gratitude and reap the benefits of such a practice.  I still experience these feelings myself when I talk to my coach and wish I was further along on my coaching career or when I didn’t get everything done like I had hoped to.  Her advice pops in my head, enjoy the journey right now, you are right where you are supposed to be!

So, today, as I begin a new season in my life, I look forward to sharing with you, inspiring you and hearing from you, about what you need to take your life from good enough, to great!


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