Just “be”ing Words of Wisdom

My coaching activity for Saturday was a success! One day of just “be”ing actually turned into two!  I hope that we continue this way of thinking throughout the next week.  It is a wonderful feeling to just do what makes you happy.

Over the past two days, we allowed ourselves to do what we wanted, when we wanted, including having ice cream for dinner!  We spent the day wandering around Old Town Bluffton, weaving from shop to shop and talking to the locals, getting a flavor of their life in a quiet town in the south.  Everyone we met was engaging and  proud of where they live.  There were no pretenses nor was there a concern that we were in fact “yankees”.  They welcomed us into their ecclectic community and  encouraged us to explore their small piece of paradise.  In fact, there is a street called State of Mind! Bluffton is a state of mind!  I can’t wait to experience it again on Thursday afternoon as we go back to sample local restaurant fare at their weekly Farmers Market and annual shrimp festival that same night!

So what did we learn from just “be”ing?  We learned to take the road less travelled, journeying down streets that we had no idea where they would take us.   We went into stores that we most likely wouldn’t have gone into with our husbands or families.  We met a wonderful lady, Lynda, who owns a salon/boutique in the heart of Old Town Bluffton.  Look her up if you ever happen to meander through, she has beautiful clothes and is a wonderful friend to chat with!  You can find her at Lynda’s on Calhoun!

We also learned to listen to our heart.  At one point, we drove down Calhoun Street to look at the May River and my mom was good with just “seeing” it from the car.  Getting ready to back out of the parking space she asked if I wanted to get out and at first I said no, used to my old world of getting onto the next place.  Then I changed my mind.  We walked down to the dock and what a beautiful view of the river I would have missed if I just stayed in the car.  I really wouldn’t have experienced anything if I stayed in that car!  I would have missed the point of just “be”ing!

Speaking of the car…  We were supposed to get a Ford Fusion rental but instead were welcomed with a Dodge Challenger with a hemi.  The interesting thing is that my husband and I were contemplating buying a Challenger this past year but with New York winters, it’s really not practical.  So this was my chance to see if I liked it!  The Universe put it before me!  Driving Miss Daisy, aka Mom, around this week has been fun as well as allowed me to overcome my fear of driving in unknown places!  If I am a life coach, I need to practice what I preach!  Let’s just say the car hauls and I sure would like one once I move down south!

I do strongly encourage you to practice just “be”ing even if only for a few minutes a day.  Perhaps it is through meditation, reading a magazine or just enjoying your coffee on your deck with no agenda but to experience nature.  Again, I would love to hear your comments!  Until next time…


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