Hello World!

Hi, I’m Karen Spaiches.  I am a personal life coach or you can also think of me as an intentional life planner.  I help people overcome feelings of selfishness to living a life of self-fullness.  In other words, I help those who long for lifelong happiness but hold back because they don’t feel they deserve it, are afraid to let go of comfort or they aren’t sure what they really want but know that what they have isn’t cutting it!

I know from my experience of feeling like my life was out of alignment, it’s not easy to “know” what to do.  Even if you know what to do, you need someone to kick you in the butt to actually make the changes needed for you to feel intentional and authentic.  How many of you have read self-help books but never really took the time to implement all of the great things you read?  I thought so 🙂

I spent the last 2 years drifting through my life, not really enjoying the process or even recognizing the beauty of what was around me.  All I knew was I was not happy in my career and it was affecting me emotionally, physically and spiritually.  My family and I were bearing the toll of this imbalance!

Each year, I choose a word that will represent how I live the year.  This year I chose adventure.  As I reflected on why this word popped in my head, I realized this is it!  This is the year that I take control of my life and the choices that are made!  No more feeling like others control my fate, my life and my happiness!

I reflected on what I really, really, really love (yes, it has to be that many reallys!).  In my management role, I love coaching my employees, helping them create action plans towards self-discovery and determining their path, not just in their career but in their life.  I have had the luxury of seeing this legacy play out before my eyes, seeing employees promoted, moving on to different careers and trusting in me to help guide to the life they wanted.  I realized that I have all of the tools I need to help others, not only from my leadership career but my life experience as well.

That’s when I decided that I would pursue my life coaching certification.  That would be an adventure, right?!  I became certified as a life coach in February 2015 but it still didn’t help me with the feeling of being stuck in a job that I no longer was receiving satisfaction from.  In May, I took the plunge and engaged a life coach, someone who would give me some tough love and keep me moving towards my goals.  That one decision has changed my life and I am now pursuing a heart based career, helping others find their passion and purpose!  It is so awesome to feel passion for what I am doing in my life!

Here’s the thing I learned from my own experiences.  I believe that the only person that does know what to do is YOU.  You have the power to change your

  • Habits & routines
  • Thought patterns
  • Career
  • Relationships with others and YOURSELF

Whatever it is that is draining your energy and making you feel STUCK in a life you are not in love with!  It’s time to stop thinking thoughts such as, “when I finish this project, I will be less stressed and back to normal”, “when my husband finishes this work commitment, things will be like the old days”, “when the kids move out, I will have time for myself”, etc.  There is always going to be another project, another commitment, another blip in our life that will send us back to our normal, comfortable habits, even if those are not creating an intentional life we love.

Think of how empowering it will be to remove that feeling of anxiousness and helplessness, running around the same hamster wheel and actually carving the life you dream of!  This is when YOU and your dreams and ideas come alive!

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

So if you have the power, why do you need me you ask?  Here’s why.

As your personal coach, my goals are to:

  • Support my clients through a self-reflective journey of finding their purpose, stop blaming others or being lazy or the victim, you are ready to do this!
  • Help my clients align goals and actions with their purpose to create their happy life
  • Motivate and hold my clients accountable to take action, imperfect action is better than no action!
  • Help YOU create a life you love and live intentionally each day

I offer an absolutely free, discovery session to ensure that we are good fit for each other.  I would love the opportunity to work with you!  Give me a call or send an email to set up a time to connect and discuss how you can live your intentional life!

My contact information:

Karen Spaiches




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